John Altizer, Owner, CMA Custom Ammo

I got my interest in firearms from staring at my dad’s collection of war Souvenirs he picked up kicking the Fascist out of Europe in the Second World War growing up. That turned into a lifelong desire to become a gunsmith that lead to my attending Trinidad State Jr College and then Joining the Army and becoming a Member of the Army Marksmanship Unit and working in R&D and in the “Loading Room” helping to craft the Ammo that was used by our Marksman to win International and National Championships .

I have been a lifelong Reloader and shooter and decided to put that to good use and start making custom Jacketed as well as cast/swaged lead bullets for others as well as crafting ammo to meet the needs of others who didn’t have the means or desire to craft their own ammo.

I currently use Equipment made by David and Richard Cobin to make Jacketed and Swaged Lead Bullets as well as various molds to cast bullets of many weights and designs. I make obsolete as well as modern ammo and am happy to take on a project of a cartridge that is hard to come by do to its obsolesce as well as any modern cartridge. If you don’t see if on my list, just ask, I will be happy to acquire the necessary tools to make it for you as if you desire it, I am sure others would like it as well and I only need a market to make something new. Not wishing to start making something I have no market for Yet!

I load both Smokeless and Black Powder Cartridges and will load to meet any requirement you might have within reasonable limits. I am not interesting in making something into a Magnum that isn’t already one and not interested in destroying any firearms for the sake of destroying a firearm. If you want a Magnum and don’t have one, buy one, don’t try and make a non-magnum into one just for the sake of having super velocity/knockdown. I much prefer to make my firearms fun to shoot and not abusive to shoot. I don’t like to over load for the fun of getting beat up. I prefer to load to function and then enjoy, not to load to max and then back off slightly but will load to your “Safe” Spec’s if that is what you desire.

I have loaded for Super Magnum’s to very small calibers that pinch your fingers, I don’t enjoy those other than they are fun to shoot, not load for but they are cheap to shoot as well. About anything can be reloaded, even Rimfires can be reloaded but I don’t specialize in those, others do that and I won’t go down that road. That is more work than I desire and I will leave that to experts as well as the pinfires. Not my cup of tea thank you.

If you have any questions on any topic at all? Give me a call or drop me a note. Since this is a home operated this is a home operated business I try and stay on top of both my phone and email.  Thanks for your interest!



1302 Forrestal Drive
Fort Collins, Co 80526