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What's New in 2016

Thought it might be a good idea to let you know what we're working on adding!

I just want to apologize for any inconvience of my having to drop the shopping cart feature. Due to the high cost of maintaining and active Shopping Cart Feature, I am forced to drop it. It is costing much more than I can make up for in sales everymonth and causing me to operate in the red. I will still accept Credit Cards without a problem but having the active shopping cart feature was just prohipitive in cost. I do apologize for any inconvience this may couse. Thanks to all who have used in the past and hopefully with a change of administration we can get the cost back down to earth.

I recently acqured a .45 Trucated Cone Nose Die that I haven't had much time to play this. This makes a great Blunt nose as well as a realy nice Hollow Point Blunt nose bullet for any .45 Caliber firearm. Rifle or pistol. This will do great in Auto's or Magizine feed rifles so let me know your needs. Again as time allow I will post some picutures. I got this to work on a .45 Win Mag Project for a Hog Hunter in Texas to this is an on going project which I will be trying to publish info as time and info allows.

I have added a die that makes a tapered jacketed Keither Semi Wadcutter bullet that keeps the lead from touching the barrel and elimenates the cannelure to set the bullet in the jacket. I will post pictures when time allows. This should make a fine bullet. I haven't had time to test! This is the same price as the other half jacket .357 bullets. I have a set ordered to make a RN, Keith as well as a Hollow Base and Hollow Point, Button Wadcutter of either solid or Hollow Base. The Hollow  Base should be good for the old .38 S&W as well as other old .38's that have oversized throats and  barrels.

6mm/.243  dies to make a RN bullet Reduced for the old Lee Navy round.  Credit goes out to Bob Shell This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for this one as he was asking use to make a 100 gr RN for the old 6mm Lee Navy.  He is unable to get bullets any more for it and feels there is a market.  We will sure find out we're making Pointed Lead Tip as well as a Hollow Point with the dies ordered as well as any custom weight a customer might desire beyond the norm in either a RN or Pointed bullet.

Dies have been ordered to make .312/.311/310  and a .309! set of make bullets for the 7.7Jap, 7.62 Russian, .303 British for use in the Sniper matches that are cropping all over.  I originally ordered to be a 8S Ogive with a Plain Base  and wasn't going to add a Rebated Boattail due to the consider cost of the die.  However, demand was so high I changed the order to make it happen. Richard updated me last week (3rd week of Janurary) that he had 2 other calibers in front of me but he also suggested I add the .309 cailber to the mix. So I did! He said this won't add any additional pressure to .308 cailber guns and it adds life to older/worn barrels so coming soon! .309 caliber bullets as well. Still no word on the Dies as of mid March. Richard did say they would be coming soon so still hopeful before this month is out.                                                                                                                                                                         Lets not forget this is the correct diameter for the 7.65 Argentine as well. Stay Tuned!

New Light weight .400 bullets on the way. Richard Corbin has announced he will have a shorter .40 cal jacket soon that will allow for lighter wieght .40 call bullets great for .40 S&W, 38/40 as well as the 10MM and anything you might want a .400 bullet for. I am looking forward to getting some of these in. Check out the 180 .40 cal's I just posted!

I have a .41 Long Colt bullet now but I have sent some off to a couple Gentlemen who are more experts than myself to evaluate so haven't posted it yet. I don't want to put it out till I am sure of it. It is a .401 Diameter with a Heel and Hollow Base. One I rough up the full diameter of the shank of the bullet to hold lupe it is a .405 OD. The Heel is .200 of an inch Long and I can make any weight you want to use. I think personally the 160-180 grain is probably going to be the best for the way I designed it and have some 180's out of for evaluation. I personally don't own a .41 Long Colt so am depending on Bob Shell and John Watson to let me know if I got this right or not? They are both experenced with the Cartridge so upon their eval, I will be posting it. I have dies and brass to load it if the bullet works as I hope! I will keep you posted and am happy to send some samples if anyone wants to give some a try.

 I have just added the new "50 cal LIst Bonded Super Match" that I have named after My friends Martin and Shirley List of Tryon Ok. They helped me develop this bullet and test it so they get the billing for it. They tried this past weekend at Raton NM at the WC on Saturday and had fantastic Results which I posted a shot on my FC page of. They will be testing it in Competition this weekend of June 12-14 at Alliance NB so I wish Martin the best of luck with it! Hopefully we have a winner and it wasn't a fluke at Raton! Good Luck Martin!

Just added a Truncated Cone .452 Die. This makes a really nice Hollow, and soft point .45 Bullet. I got it for a .45 Win Mag project but I can see lots of applications for it. Hope to find time to try it in the Goverment soon. With a short Meplat, has a nice flat point to really add some Smack to impact on it!

I am looking into aquiring a set of dies to make .375 RN lead Tip and Hollow Point bullets per a customers request. This set does offer the ability to make jackets using fired .223 cases which would drop the cost of Jackets to labor only. With commerical grade jackets costing in excess of $0.30 Each, I will be able to offer and excellent shooting bullet at greatly reduced cost. This won't make a Match Grade or a perfect hunting bullet but allows me to make any weight and a reduced cost to keep those rifles going as well as give you a great practice bullet.

Stay Tuned for further updates and additions!

Do not hesitate to let us know your what you're looking for and if you think there is a market for it. 

I will order custom dies to meet your needs if I feel there is enough demand for it.