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    • Custom Loaded Ammunition

      20140908 170953
      I have dies to load a lot of different Calibers and am Happy to assemble any Calibers you would like including adding dies and conversations kits to my current inventory. I can load the following Calibers Curently and make bullets for all the pistol and will be adding dies to make the Rifle bullets as soon as I can get delivered.

      I use new brass in all ammo but will use Customer brass and can use out of my personal stash of once fired brass. This inventory fluctuates over time so if you want to save some money on brass, let me know what you are looking for or if you want me to use your brass? I will inspect and if necessary, clean and load for you. Let me know what you are looking for and have on hand.

      • Currently have diies for the current Calibers with New and in some cases once fired Brass on hand for all, bullets will be your choice if I can aquire in the current Enviroment if not custom. I will also load your brass for you!: 
      • .32 ACP
      • .380 ACP
      • .38 Auto/Super
      • 9mm Luger
      • .357 Sig
      • .38 Special/.357 Magnum/.357 Maximum
      • .40 S&W
      • 10 MM Auto
      • .38/40 Winchester (Currently can only offer a cast bullet)
      • 44/40 Winchester (Hollow or Plain Base)
      • .44 Russian (Hollow or Plain Base)
      • .44 Special (Hollow or Plain Base)
      • .44 Magnum
      • .45 ACP
      • .45 Gap
      • 45 AutoRim (Hollow or Plain Base)
      • ..45 Schofield (Hollow or Plain Base)
      • .45 Colt (Hollow or Plain Base)
      • .454 Casull
      • .455 Webley (Hollow or Plain Base)
      • Have dies and cases to load .41 Long Colt-Still waiting on bullet swaging dies
      • .223 Remington/5.56 Nato
      • .25/06 Remington
      • .243 Winchester
      • 7mm Mauser
      • 7.65 Argentine
      • 7.7 Jap
      • .300 Whisper
      • 30 Carbine
      • 30/30 Winchester
      • .308 Winchester/7.62 Nato
      • 30/06 Winchester
      • 8mm Mauser
      • 7.92X33 Kurz-Have PVI Brass and Custom Made. Bullets depend on availability, I am no making yet



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    • Custom Remanufactured Ammunition

      I use once fired brass to make all my reloaded ammo to help save the cost of using new ammo. All the brass is deprimed, cleaned and throughly inspected to sort out any damaged or defective cases and then set aside to use to make the same quailty ammo as I make with the new brass. All the same requirements of quality go into the reloaded ammo. I offer this as a money saving option for those looking for cheaper Custom Ammo.

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    • Military Surplus Ammo

      On occassion I run across a deal I can't pass up and want to share with all.

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    • Once Fired Brass

      After Almost 50 years of Reloading and getting my hands on all the brass I could find, I find myself in a position where I need to let go of some of my hoard. Having started during the Era of the 68 Gun Control Act where you could buy ammo or even brass cases through the mail but had to do threw a dealer to acquire, I was really careful with my brass and grabbed anything I could find. When shooting, I would spend more time looking for that 1 or 2 cases I couldn't find than I did reloading it. Times have changed and after a couple friends gave me all the accumulated brass they had from 30+ years of shooting, I find my cup have runnith over. Figure it's time to share the bounty. All is deprimed and cleaned, military Crimps removed and in some cases, sized and trimmed and so labeled.

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