CMA Custom Stacking Bullets

        Examples of CMA Custom Ammo Stacking Bullets. Both Corbin and examples of Flying Trash Can Lids

Those Stacking/Multi-Part Bullets Stacking/Multi-Part Bullets

 Man aren't they fun!

45 Corbin Stacker

Corbin Stacker Example in .45 Colt45 Flying Trash Can Lid
                                                                                                         CMA Custom Flying Trash Can Lid .45 Colt

What is it about bullets that come apart and make multiple projectiles or are stacked on top of each other that fascinate us so much? I know when I got into bullet making way back in the day's of my first starting reloading, I was fascinated with the idea of making my own shot shells and trying to make up multi-part bullets. Back in the 70's there weren't a lot of options. You could buy Speer shot Capsules and put some together for Revolvers or buy some custom RCBS dies to make up .45 ACP shot shells but there wasn't a lot of other options or even stories on the topic!

Move forward to modern times and you have the Glazier Safety Slug, Multiple types of stacking bullets and even lots of new Revolvers designed specifically for shooting ammo multiple projectile ammo like the Judge or Governor using .410 Shotgun shells in using buckshot or custom ammo designed to shoot multiple projectile's.

 There are other ways to make multiple shot ammo at home and it is fun! It was one of the first things I started doing when I started swaging bullets was found the tools to make multipart projectiles. I can't answer why we want to play with these so much but it is fun and it definitely has real life applications! For home defense in thin walled homes, apartments, trailer home dwellers and those who must worry about collateral damage. These offer a safer solution for use in tight spaces that limit over penetration as well as multiple hits causing serious wounds that will deter if not stop and invader and be fatal. They are a great warming shot. They typically in my test won't penetrate deeply, 6" in tissue simulator and won't penetrate a 2x4. They will penetrate a hollow core door! This isn't going to necessarily incapacitate an intruder but will be a nice warning shot that can easily be followed up with a "knockdown" shot! In a lot of locals you can't shoot to kill so this is a means to "Discourage" someone. 2-3 .45 Cal holes in you will certainly make an impression and I suspect hurt like hell! Depending on where they hit they will definitely have an impact on further activities and may help the party decide he doesn't want any more of this and leave and limit the chance of having missed shots pass through them or through walls and hit by standers plus it increases your chance of making contact since you will have a "Pattern" versus a laser shot which in reality is what you have with single projectile. If you don't shot straight? A miss is a miss with no damage done to the target and you are responsible for the projectile wherever it ends up!

Examples I have tried include Dave Corbin's "Stacking" Bullets which I have found don't separate very well or consistently. They work but tend to stick together for at least 7-8yds making a 1" group or stacking on top of each other in a tight pattern and not spreading and when they do at the 10-12 yd point, they really spread rapidly. A 3 Shot stack may hit a Silhouette once or twice at 15yds. Often a shoulder and thigh type hit since when they open it is very erratic. I even tried stacking 6 50gr slugs in a .45 Colt but found they loose velocity very rapidly, spread erratically after about 10 yds and you can have one turn sideways in the bore and have bore blockage. Not a good thing in a fight for your life!

I have settled on 2-125gr slugs with one having a slight hollow base (bottom) as a prevention, although I don't think it's necessary. I just feel better about it and use a WadCutter Nose punch. I won't take credit for this idea as it was suggested to me by my friend Bob Shell who said he played with these years past tacking light weight WC's in a case to make stacking revolver bullets! I call this my "Flying Trash Can Lid" load as it is like two flying trash can lids that I don't think anyone wants to get hit with!

I have also played with just stacking multiple lighter weight WC's on top of each other and this works as well but I personally like a heavier Slug and like the tighter grouping of the two. I have found it safe it stack 3 80 gr slugs in both .44 and .45's for revolvers and had responsible success. I have forward some of these on to Bob who recently featured them in an Article in Ammoland about trying some of these in one of the Winchester .45 Colt Carbine. Sadly I don't have one to try them in myself but always wondered how they would do! Now I know, I expected they would be a good 25-30yd load but Bob seems to think a little farther. I don't think anything under 80gr's is useful or safe but easy to make and happy to sell them to anyone who wants to play with them with the understanding you need to load them hot enough to clear the barrel and not try and stack to many in a case!

I know I have tested some of the newer types of .410 "Defensive" ammo out there and for the money. I don't see any significant gain with them. They don't open any better and may, I say again, may! get you more penetration then a lead projectile but that in turns defeats the idea of not going threw walls and they don't open up any better in my Judge, they opened less. Might as well have been shooting a slug! They went through pretty much the same hole and for the recoil and expense, I will stay with my home grown's. I know I can count on them to open in my gun and not shot like a single projectile! When trying a lot of the newer "Defensive" stuff, I found that it was a stout Recoil and didn't open at all showing pretty much a single hole down range. Not sure what that is good for? Just shoot a full powered round in that case!

 As stated, you can load more Slugs in a case but you have to limit your weight and that can be done by adjusting the slugs up and down depending on what you want. You can make the slugs lighter but that makes them awful thing and heavier means fewer so I decided on the 125's to make a nice 250 gr projectile. A 300 Grainer is feasible and works but it increases recoil and gives you that extra .45 slug flying down range but I find that two .5 inch holes makes a pretty good impression on a Paper Target and expect it will do the same thing on a flesh and blood one that I hope to never find out for sure!

The Corbin ones which I coated in Molly when I was playing with them just didn't separate enough for my satisfaction and talking with Bob Shell who shot some for me gave me the idea for the "shortened" Wadcutter's that just seemed to work better and I have settled on them but can make up the Corbin's if anyone is interested. I certainly have the tooling.