Custom Bullets



38/40 Custom Lead Hollow Base180 gr38.40leadammo

Sold in Boxes of 50 $25.00

Base Style:  Hollow Base

Nose Style: Flat Point

I now have the dies to make a Hollow Base Lead bullet for this round and here it is! This is great for the old guns using SPG lupe on these custom bullets so they are perfect for Black or Smokeless Powder loads. I think you will find this is a great bullet in any firearm! I make this as a 180 gr but can make any reasonable weight up or down to meet your shooting requirements including dropping the weight for less recoil for quicker followup shots for SASS.

I ship single boxes USPS for 10.00 plus $3.00 handling. More won't fit in the single USPS mailer so I ship those FedEx Ground and that goes $15.00 for up to 4 boxes with the $3.00 a box of bullets handling billed with the shipment. More is not much extra being only a couple dollars until the box gets much bigger.