Custom Bullets

41 Long Colt 

.41 Long Colt Custom Bullets 180 gr

Lubed with SPG for Black or Smokeless loads

Sold in Quantities of 50 $30.00 Bullets

If you want me to load your brass, happy to clean and inspect and put one of my bullets and a smokeless load in your cases: $36.00 for a box of 50 plus the return Shipping. 

Base Style:  Heel/Hollw Base

Nose Style: Blunt Round Nose

This took over 3 years to acquire but I finally got it in! Why you might ask would I make a 41 Long Colt bullet? In dicussions with Bob Shell on what would be a good "Odd" bullet to make? He suggested I contact his good friend Bernald at Gad Custom Reloading for ammo that was popular and he said he couldn't keep up with request for the .41 Long Colt so I contacted Dave Corbin and the process began. In researching the cartridge I ran across Harry Owens well written article on "Everything you want to know about the .41 Long Colt" and with his help and with discussions with Bob Shell. I worked out the design of the bullet you see at the top of the page.

The bullet is a .5 Ogive and has a Heel .200 in length. I decided to make it a hollow base since this either will help or it won't but it can't hurt! I personally like hollow base bullets in the old calibes since they do help especially in guns with bores that are all over the place like the .41. The bullet finishes out at .401 but with the knurling to hold the lube for the outside lubed bullet it finishes to a final diameter of .405. The long bearing surface of the bullet allows it to center and the skirt bells to grip the rifling. Harry's first reports on shooting samples for me are, "It appears I have a winner".

I am offering this in a 200, 180 and a 165. Since the sights are fixed and these old guns aren't exactly easy to get on target, I am offereing the different weights to allow you to choose what might be best for your shooting. Either Black or Smokeles and to help you get your gun to hit point of aim at your required distance. The lighter weight will allow you to raise your point of implact so that will help you get closer to your point of aim. For Black Powder, I recommend the 180 for the Case Capicity since the original cases were ballon head and you can't get near that leval of powder in a modern case or perhaps the 165. I can make any weight you like, just call or drop me a note and we can work on anything specific.

I do have dies and brass and will be offering ammo once the testing is done by my design friends, I have meet Bob on a few occasions and hope to meet Harry someday. In the meantime, I thought it was appropriate to offer the bullets to the public since that was the goal of this project.

These are hand lubed with SPG so are appropriate for either Black or Smokeless powder and they are being tested with both. Harry's first test were with smokeless as he is waiting for good weather to shoot the Black Powder loads outdoors.

NOTE: Thunder an DA users, you will need to trim cases as the bullets will be to long to fit in your cylinders without trimming cases to a total length 1.010. The shorter cylinders of these models will not accept bullets with the Starline cases without first trimming. For Ammo request, please let me know your firearm model so I can make sure we don't have any issues with case length.

I ship bullets USPS in a small box for $10.00 + $3.50 packing fee. For more than a single box, it will require a larger box that ships for $15.00 and can fit up to 6 boxes plus the $3.00 per box packaging fee to protect the Hollow Base bullets.

You can review Harry's article at the following Link:,d.cWc

Notice                                                                         I have a couple folks reporting that the .405 Diameter doesn't work in their Redding dies. I have had the same issue myself and even returned my dies to Redding. They say they are in spec. It appears these dies are designed for a cast .401 Diameter bullet. Most of the old cast bullet moulds made for the .41 L Colt made a .401 bullet since that was the "Barrel" diameter even though throats were typically .406-.410 in diameter. These general shoot with in a barn door range but I was looking for something a little more accurate. Speaking to Bob Shell about this sometime back, he told me to just use a 40S&W/10mm seat die to seat and crimp the bullets since they use the same diameter bullet and that has worked fine for me. I use the Dillion Dies since they have a bleed hole for excess lube since these are "Outside Lubracated" bullets and lube will be cut of by the case and clog the die. The issue with the Redding dies. Keep this in mind if you are using Redding Dies. Use the Size Die obviously but then just use Seating and if available the Crimp die of another caliber. You might try the 38/40 as well since it is also a .40 cal although I have not attemped.