Custom Bullets

Bond Any Bullet

$0.06 ea

Just about any bullet can be bonded If the lead in the bullet all fits in the Jacket. That doesn't mean it can't be a lead tipped bullet! It just means that the the bullet must start out with a weight that allows for the lead to fit fully inside of the jacket before it is formed into the final shape.

Bonding is a means of taking two dissimalar metals (Jacket/Core) and locking them together. The idea being they the core will not slip or seperate inside the jacket due to stress during firing or upon impact typically with hunting bullets.

This is accomplished by applying a chemical that allows the two dissimal materials to bond atomically with heat. If the lead is melted and if the quanity is greater than will fit in the jacket, it will just run down the outside. If the jacket has a long Ogive, this isn't an issue since the lead witll just move forward and form the lead tip as desired of if you are making a hollow cavity with a punch, it will be displaced and moved forward but you can't have an excess so please don't ask for a bonded heavy lead tipped bullet pistol bullet with a straight side or little tapper. Not possible!

This does discolor the bullet jackets and I do my best to clean up the jackets as best as possible but don't expect them to be bright and shinny. I don't have the expensive equipment of the big boys but can offer you unlimited choices in wieghts and other options you will never get from the big boys. Why you come to a custom bullet maker!