Custom Bullets

.40 Cal 160 gr Hollow Point Jacketed Bullet

40 160gr

Image shows the bullets with one loaded in a .40 S&W for Scale.

Sold in Quantities of 50 $20.00

Base Style:  Plain Base

Nose Style: Hollow Point

This is a great 165 gr .40 cal bullet great for the .40 S&W but but would be really good in the in the 38/40 in either a rilfe or pistol and explosive in a 10MM! This has a Cannalure already on the bullet for crimping for use in a tubular magazine as well as autoloaders. This bullet has a .011 thickness at the bullet mouth so will upset at low velocities and I am leaving a generous cavity in the bullet nose so this an excellent game or defensive bullet. The Jacket is shorter to make a lighter weight bullet and makes a beautiful 160 grain round and if you want a Soft Point Round Nose or a Lead Flat Tipped Bullet, this is a great jacket for those applications as well, I have only made a Hollow Point at this time. Easy enough to make any of the others if you would desire. Just drop me a note.

Firing these into Water Filled milk jugs this bullet Exploded the frist and pentrated and dented the back of the 3rd retaining all its core weight but shed the jacket making a perfect mushroom.

Fired .40 cal BulletFired from S&W 4006 at 10 yds.

You can order less then the full box price if you desire to try some like any bullet offering. If you wish to try some samples, please feel free to contact me.

I ship these USPS and can fit up to around 250 or so in a small box for $6.00 shipping.