Custom Bullets

38 Half Jacket .145gr

357 Half Jacket Bullet Light 135 Gr

145 gr bullets pictured.

Sold by the box of 50 135 gr $20.00

Bullets would look like the image depending on weight desired..Bullet weights can be adjusted to the customers desires as they are customed made to order. I am happy to make anything from 135-150 grains depending on how much lead you want exposed in this shorter jacket.

I have added a new die that allows me to put a taper on the bullet jacket at the point of contact with the core. This does two things, 1st it allows for a tight crimp on the bullet without a cannalure and crimps the jacket to the core so no issue with the core ever seperating during firing which has been reported with straight walled jacketed bullets in the past. Second, this puts a put of "freebore" on the bullet before it makes contact with the rifling so pressures are lower and this will guide the bullet into alignment with any cylinders that maybe out of alignment.  No extra charge since I would just use a different set of dies to make your bullets. This is a 0.012 reduction that I can adjust for longer shankes. Just remember powder capicity if putting a long taper on long bullets.