Custom Bullets


45 TC 300gr 315 gr 325 gr

.45 Heavy Weight Bullets

Image shows a 300 gr, 315 gr and a 325 gr. These are Truncated Cone but can be style including TCSP,  RN, RNHP, WC, HPWC (With Exposed lead). A Hollow Cavity with Jacketed walls can be made lighter if requested.

These uses a .840 Length jacket and is a great bullet for the .454 Casual and the .45 Win Auto Mag Round for which I but these together for. Jacket is thick enough to withstand the Casuals pressures and will easily withstand Velocites of 2400 fps or higher.

I am selling these for $0.38 each but only have 1k of jackets. Don't miss out on this great bullet and customize to meet your needs. Just let me know what you are looking for.