Custom Bullets

20170124 123023 resizedThis is a 140gr hollow cavity bullet that I make for my older brother to use in his 329 S&W. He was complaining about the brutal recoil of full powered loads of 240 and 180gr.

He usies the max load data for a 180 and says it is pleasent to shoot and low and behold, he can actually hit regularly with at 25 yds now! imagine that. Dropping the bullet weight reduces recol and still lays plenty of bullet on targe in the 1200+ fps and he can actually hit the target. I am always telling him it doesn't matter what he shoots if he MISSES! I took his suggestion for the name of the bullet will post photo's asap for those with any interest.

I am supper excited about the New Ruger SP100 in .44 Special. My kind of gun and I will have to have one soon as I can find and afford.

I am selling these for $22.00 per 50.