Custom Bullets

 The Big Brother Special is a loght weight .44 Hollow Cavity bullet for light framed guns to reduce recoil and make the 329 pleasent to shoot. I have shot my Big Brothers gun and found I enjoyed about as much as a .454 Casull with full powered loads! He was commenting on how he couldn't hit as well as with this 6" model 29 so I thought a lighter weight bullet that would tame recoil and to actually allow him to HIT the target might be in order.

I keep telling him it doesn't matter what he shoots if he MISSES! This is a hollow cavity design that the lead is beneath the tip of the bullet. There is a large cavity in the nose so it will expand without exception at Magnum velocites and penetrate deep enough to do what is needed and leave a massive crater in its wake. He even has commented that he can hit the target again! Imagine that, tame the recoil alllows him to put a large diamenter bullet with lots of velocity on target.

I am excited about Rugers new SP100 in .44 Sp that I wil have to have when I can find and affored. Perfect for these light weight dynomites. Will update with photo's as soon as I have the chance.