Custom Bullets

.357 Taper Jacketed SWC 

Bag of 50 bullets $22.00

135-170 gr Taper Jacketed SWC bullet that allow for crimping on the jacket. This bullet is designed to not allow the lead to touch the Bore, Forcing cone or any part of the firearm. This allows the bullet to align with the bore even if a revolver might be off slightly in timing or not bored straight to all it the bullet to self align and improve accuracy. This also keeps all leading out of the barrel, forcing cone and cylinder as well as prevent leading in lever action rifles. I can make bullets up to 170 gr's and as light as 135 grains.

This bullet tapers from just behind the bullet jacket to .345 from .357 on the shank so have a strong purch for the crimp to work extremely well in Lever Actions without the damaging affects of a cannalure.