Custom Bullets


.429 Half Jacket Bullets

Sold in lots of 50.  $20.00

Bullets are made to order so you can choose any weight, HP can be added if desired. We can discuss your specific desires on custom orders. Great Carbine bullet.

Bullets image is of a 275 gr Half Jacket.  25.00 per 50.

Bullet weights can be adjusted to the customers desires as they are customed made to order. I am happy to make anything from 160-350 grains.

As a side note and for the brave hearted! I can add a taper to the jcacket at the point of contact with the core that will allow you to have a super tight crimp without a cannalure as well as push the limits of the desigh since a shorter shank will lower pressures and allow you to add more powder and thus higher velocities. I can do this to any weight bullet but part of the idea behind this bullet is to lower recoil and add velocity. The taper drops down to 0.415 from .429. This would just be for fun as I have not played with much due to weather and lack of a good platform with which to test on but is another way to play.