Custom Bullets

.355 Custom Bullets


Sold in Quantities of 100  $22.00

Base Style:  Plain Base

Nose Style: Dragon Tooth Hollow Point

I will mark this as a 110 gr bullet but if you wish to have something more specific made. Email me your request and we will order seperate than from the webpage or give me a call. I have had great Sucess with the Dragon Tooth Design especailly with the Diamond Back which has proven to be very Picky with what it will digest.

I suggest the lighter weights for higher velocity and quicker recovery times but not everyone agrees with me so I will make any weight you desire. Cost difference is minimal to me so I won't pass on any difference. Takes more time for me to make the Dragon Tooths but will keep prices the same to get folks to try them!

Light Bullets are prefect for Low Recoil in Compact Pistols as well as for Target and Defensive Loads in the .380ACP, 9mm Luger, .38ACP and Super as well as any .355 Cartridge, adding a Cannalure has proven to work just fine with the .357 Sig so I have enjoyed using those of late as well.

Examples show include a 60 Grain Loaded in a .380 as well as different weights in a 9mm Luger as well as different weights and nose types.