Custom Bullets


429 SWC Pic


.428 Lead Hollow or Plain Base Bullet

Sold in lots of 50 RNFP  180 gr $16.00

I make a Hollow Base Round Nose Flat Point for this bullet but can make any style, we can discuss your specific desires on custom orders. I have made 140 to 325 gr so call me or drop a note if you have any questions.

Bullets in the image are 140,200,250 Half Jacket,  Perfect for the 44/40 Carbine or Pistol. Can be Plain Base or Hollow Base or even put a Hollow Point in if you desire Customer Choice. Image shows jacketed versions but lead would just be plain or hollow base with same nose config or Std RNFP.

I ship these USPS and can ship UP to 100 in a small box for $5.90 shipping plus $1.00 per 50 for Packaging of the Hollow Base bullets.