Custom Bullets


.452 Custom .035 Tubing Jacketed Bullets

Sold in Quantities of 50  32.00 or just the Jackets for 19.00

Picture shows finished jackets and a 275 gr Hollow Point RN Bullet45 Custom Jackets

Base Style:  Plain or Bevel Base N

Nose Style: Round Nose (RN), Keith Semi Wadcutter (SWC), Hollow Point (HP), Buttom Wadcutter (WC), AutoLoader, Dragon Tooth,ind these typically are more accurate than Factory or Mass Produced Bullets. The quaility of Hand produced bullets tyically outshines those made by Automatic Transfer Punch Machines. I can control the quaility and weight to much tighter Specifications plus I can make to any weight and about any style you might desire.  Great for all .45 cal guns, especially those pushing velocity and wanting deep pentration as well as Rifles using a .452 or .454 Diameter Bullet. These jackets are make from Copper tubing of .035 Thickness and are make for really tough Jobs and can be pushed really hard in guns like the Casul and make great hunting bullets and are great in carbines and can be used to make really hot light weight bullets. Obviously these are made one at a time so they take time to make so they aren't to cheap but they are tough and can be made to any length you desire and can be made to any weight and about any configuration as well. If you want something really exiotic? Lets Talk!

5% Discount on orders over 100 Bullets.