Custom Bullets

44 jacketed 

.429 Custom Jacketed bullets

Sold in Quantities of 50  19.00

Base Style:  Plain Base

Nose Style: Round Nose (RN), Keith Semi Wadcutter (SWC), Hollow Point (HP), Hollow Cavity (HC), Buttom Wadcutter (WC)

You will find these typically are more accurate than Factory or Mass Produced Bullets. The quaility of Hand produced bullets tyically outshines those made by Automatic Transfer Punch Machines. I can control the quaility and weight to much tighter Specifications plus I can make to any weight and about any style you might desire. Call me for your specific Desires.

Examples are of Weights from 140 for Ultra Light and super fast to 300 Gr for Rifles and Carbines weights of various designs to show examples of designs, jacket lenths and their appearence. Great for all .44 pistols Rifles and Carbines 

5% Discount on orders over 100 Bullets.