Custom Remanufactured Ammunition

380 Custom



9mm Remanufactured Loaded Ammo

Remanufacutred Ammo loaded with Proven Custom Bullets to meet your needs. I have tested this in multiple Firearms and use only the finest componets to make ammo that I carry personally. I prefer a bullet I call the "Dragon Tooth" for its multiple Teeth that expand at realitively low velocity and I have tested through multiple layers of materials. I prefer a 88 grain bullet that penetrates an average of 9" depending on the media I test it in gives really low recoil and super fast followup shots. I Have never had a failure to feed in Mulitple firearms from several Glocks, Smiths, a Colt, Kaher and others with out issue. This bullet works especially well in the Diamond Back proving to function flawlessly above all others.

I will load with Either Hollow Points of which I use the Largest Possible Cavity that will funcition or my Dragon Tooth Design of any reasonable weight down to  60grain for those looking for more veloicity. I have gone as light as 50 grains for those looking for extremes but it is quite explosive and limits penetration and have played with weights up to and including a 150
gr slug but can't find a reason to go that heavy since velocity really drops and pressures shoot up or just a plan lead tip. I hope to be adding a Truncated cone soon for those desiring one.  You can dictate what you want including any load within reason and as well as the bullet weight.

All brass is carefully inspected and cleaned before it is processed and loaded to the customer specifications to reduce the cost by recycling once fired brass. All rounds are checked with a Factory Cartridge Gage to verify they will function flawlessly.

Box of 50 $26.00 95 gr Dragon Tooth

Using once fired brass cuts cost and lets you try something new with a custom bullet at lower cost.