Custom Bullets



50 Cal List Bonded Super Match


Sold Each or in Qty's of 100 for a Discount 5% Discount

FSCA Members 10% Additional Discount

Base Style:  Rebated Boat Tail (RBT)

Nose Style:Hollow Point

750 gr $2.08 Ea

This is a Bullet that Martin and Shirley List worked with me on and have tested at FCSA Matches for me so I named it after them. In discussions with Martin, we discussed if it was possible for the Core to be spinning in the jacket of such a massive projectile? Perhaps that was causing some of the misses so we thought we would try bounding the core and it appears that really helps. I don't believe the nose makes a bit of difference! A HP is as good as a Aluminum Tip and those tips are now up to $0.22 Each and take an extra 2 steps to put on and are a pain to get on correctly and cause all kinds of havic. I have even stopped attempting to make them!

At this point, Martin and I feel this is a better bullet. It still takes a lot of time to make these with the bonding process, I spend about 5 minutes making each projectle but am willing to offer a discount to the FCSA Members and a Discount to volume buyers. I have to order a ton of componets to get a discount for volume but the more folks who shoot them maybe I can trim some time off their manufacture.

I am working on getting a Code for the discounts but that is eluding me currently so just drop me a note or call if you are interested in ordering some and we will work it out. I do want to Thank Martin and Shirley for all their help and Support in this endeavor. Long live Long Range Shooting!

5% Discounts for Qty Purchases of 100 or more.
10% FSCA Members contact me to use your disconted Pricing.

For Volume and FSCA Discounts, please email me your order or call me. If you order on the website, I will manually credit you for your discounts. Thank You