Custom Loaded Ammunition

  38/40 Custom Jacketged Loaded Ammo 180 gr


Sold in Boxes of 50 $20.00

Base Style:  Plain Base

Nose Style: Hollow Point

I have recieved my dies and am making bullets 180 Gr Hollow Point Jacketed Bullets for Modern Replica's NOT Original Black Powder Firearms! I want to make sure that is clear. I don't want anyone using these in original Black Powder firearms. I am making lead bullets for those types of firearms. I am also selling these as bullets but under no circumstances should Jacketed bullets be used in original Black Powder Firearms shooting the 38/40 Cartridge! The Medalurgy of the 18th century would not stand the pressures required to shoot these projectiles and I don't want any firearms damaged by a foolish attempt to do so! That said, this is a fine cartridge in a modern replica and firearms made to use jacket bullets and fun to shoot. I am happy to make other weights if you would like to contact me, I can make lighter/heavier to meet your needs if I can make the jackets available work and when the lighter jackets I have ordered arrive, they are currently back ordered! 

This is a great round in the Carbines as It does have a Cannulure to with stand use in a tubular magizine and the hollow point makes a great small game cartridge. I know this was origianlly used on big game but the balistic's are not quite up there for larger game. It is an overall great little round in the handy carbines and a fun round to shoot in pistols as well and is popular in SASS.

This ammo is not loaded up to spec's that require it to only be used in Rugers but can be used in the Colt Replica's. I sell just the bullets for those who want to soap these up. These bullets will expand in the low 800 range so you don't need to push them to over a 1000 fps to get some expansion. If you want a perfect mushroom, then yes you do but you can get upset at lower speeds or just use plan lead or even use something like the original hollowbase like I sell as well which is great for black powder loads as they are already lubed with SPG.

I ship these FedEx Ground which is 12.80 a box and can ship to up 4 boxes for that cost plus $2 a box of ammo handling fee charged seperated when I ship.