Custom Loaded Ammunition

.41 Long Colt Loaded Ammo

This is New Loaded Ammo with my Custom 180 Gr HB Heel RN bullet. Loaded with Smokeless powder for Firearms in Excellent condition. These are Smokeless loads duplcating original loading pressures. I can substitue Black Powder if desired but since these are new Solid Head Cases, I can't load them with original Spec loads due to the lower case capicity so results with be below original Spec's

Box of 50 Rds Including FET $75.25    +shipping.  I will load smaller amounts if desired.                        

Bag of 50 New Starline 50 cases  $37.00

This is a custom designed bullet of my own creation that I had assistence from Bob Shell and Harry Owen. The bullet is a .401 diameter but finished comes out to about .405 is dia due to knurling I do to the outside of the bullet to hold lube. This swages back down when loaded to fit in chambers and actually fits typical barrels better but with the Hollow Base this will expand to fill the cylinder throat and barrel diameter which are all over the place.