Custom Loaded Ammunition

44 Russian Pic
44 Russian 246 Gr Hollow Base FP

Base Style:  Hollow Base

Nose Style: FP Lead

Box of 50  $36.00

Jacketed 246 gr HP PB $42.00

This is loaded with a 246 gr to match the original and loaded with Smokeless powder for ease of use and cleanup.

A 200gr is also a great choice for this Rd as it will shoot extremely well but the 246 is the original weighted bullet.

I will load  any wieght can be made to meet your desire as well as a jacketed, Keith, Plain Base, Jacketed HP Plain Base of any weight you might desire to work in a modern replica of the original. I don't make a heel design for this bullet. If you desire something Custom? That is what it's all about. Just contact me for specific desires or needs.