Custom Loaded Ammunition

45 Schofield 200 grain bullets
45 Schofield w/Hollowbase bullets

Base Style:  Hollow Base

Nose Style: FP Lead

Box of 50  $36.00

Loaded with a 200 gr Round Nose Flat Point Bullet with Hollow Base
Image shows with a 200 gr Round Nose Flat Point Hollowbase as well as an Optional Keith Semi Wadcutter in 200gr's.

I can adjust weights to meet your need and find the SWC is excellent for shooting paper and can do this in a Plain Base as well or a Custom Jacketed.  If you desire something Custom? That is what it's all about, just contact me to discuss desires or needs.

This is a great round for SASS as it can be lightened up and with the Hollow Base, Loads can be lightened and still contain the pressure to reduce recoil and get the bullet down range. This will allow for quicker followup shots and improved times. Just drop me a line or give me a call with your specific questions or desires in shape and weight since the shorter case allows for the lower powder charges and Trail Boss is excellent in filling the large case.