Custom Loaded Ammunition



.45 Custom AutoRim Ammo

Sold in boxes of 50  $32.00 for RN FP with Plain Base Lead 225 Gr

Base Style:  Plain Base

Nose Style:Round Nose Flat Point

Pictured exmples of the bullets I typical load for .45 Auto Revolvers. I can use the Webley designed cargtridges which shoot great out of a S&W 625. Example also shows a 225gr RoundNose Flat point Hollow Base bullet that works very well in the 1917 Revolvers. RP brass has been pretty easy to get so that is what I have on hand. Bullet weights can be anything you desire within Reason. The Webley Bullet expands very well at ACP Velocities.

This ships FedEx ground for $10.80 for the first 200 rounds or so depending on Zone. Weight and zone vary but usually that is within $4 of most for shipping cost.