Custom Loaded Ammunition


.44 Magnum Custom loaded Ammo

Nose: Hollow Point,

Base: Plain, Hollow

Sold in lots of 50 240 gr Jacketed Custom Hollow Point Ammo $32.00

I can load any Bullets made to order so you can choose any weight Loaded in New StarLine Brass. We can discuss your specific desires on custom orders. I have made 140 to 325 gr so call me or drop a note if you have any questions.

Some bullet options shown in the image are RoundNose Flat Point, Keith SWC, Hollow Cavity, Half Jacket, Wad Cutter with base options of Plain, Hollow Base (Lead), Dish and an example of Keith SWC Hollow Base. Please put description of Bullet desired in Email if want a custom order.

An excellet Home defense round is a Jacket Hollow Point Wad Cutter. These can be pushed to Mag Levels with little to no leading since only a slight edge of lead is exposed and hit like a 12# Sledge Hammer. Limited range as they drop of energy quickly to avoid the innocents 6 Blocks away.