Custom Loaded Ammunition

380 Custom
9mm Custom Loaded Ammo

Ammo loaded with Proven Custom Bullets to meet your needs. I have tested this in multiple Firearms and use only the finest componets to make ammo that I carry personally. I prefer a bullet I call the "Dragon Tooth" for its multiple Teeth that expand at realitively low velocity and I have tested through multiple layers of materials.

I have throughly tested the  88 grain bullet that penetrates an average of 9+" depending on the media I test it in the Diamond Back and have yet to have it fail to chamber or feed  where all others we have tested have had issues with to feeding as this has been the only sucessful hollowpoint todate with this specific gun and the light bulet is a real pleasure to shoot and control and really pentrates and blows up water jugs.

I will load with Either Hollow Points of which I use the Largest Possible Cavity that will funcition or my Dragon Tooth Design of any reasonable weight down to  60grain for those looking for more veloicity and played with 150's for those wanting the heavy weights although, I don't see any use for the super heavies. They don't produce even velocity to accomplish anything in this cartridge. You can dictate what you want including any load within reason and weight.

I prefer StarLine Brass for all my Loading needs.

Box of 50 $32.00 Custom Loaded with 110 gr Dragon Tooth Bullets.