Custom Loaded Ammunition


.44 Special Ammo Lead 180 gr

Nose: Round Nose Flat Point 

Base:  Hollow Base Lead Bullets

Sold in boxes of 50.  $28.00

RN Flat Point bullet with a Hollow Base to make sure you are getting a great seal and an excellet shooting bullet no matter the condition of your gun! These will shoot and are not loaded to blow up your gun. Great for the Bulldog or other Short Barreled guns. Accurate, hard hitting bullets that will expand due to the hollow base. I can put a small hollowpoint in the nose of these as well if you request it or even make a hollow point bullet as well on request at no extra charge and still have a Hollow Base and a HollowPoint bullet with Moderate Recoil! What more can you ask for. Just slip me a note with your request and we will make a custom load for you.