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We are happy to announce that we have negoiated a reduced rate with FedEx and are passing the savings along to you. This greatly reduces costs up to 21% savings or our valued customers!

Flat Rate box is $5.90 larger $10.80

All orders are shipped either Flat Rate USPS or FedEx ground or FexEx Flat Rate--which ever is cheapest, depending on products. Please note, we are not allowed to ship ammo vis USPS. 

  • Bullet orders wil ship USPS Bulk rate which is the lowest rate, with a typical delivery in 2-3 days. Small boxes may cost more depending on order size. I only bill what it costs me for shipping and a handling fee for the packaging which is billed with the shipment. 
  • Ammo orders will go FedEx Ground which is usually 3-4 days depending on zone. Cost varies with weight. Minimum charge is typically around $12.60 with rates going up depending on weight and box (DIM) size.

If you need to request a discount on your Order like being a member of FCSA or ordering from the GBF, please let me know via email right away.  When your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email message. I aim to keep this as simple as possible and keep the cost down as much as possible.

Shipping will be billed to you with your order for remittance when it is shipped. I have been unable to get the system to add this at the time your order is placed so you quick remittance is appreicated. I am hoping my customers will understand that to expidite their getting their products and my trusting them to remitt my cost of shipping is important and will Please Remit in a timely fashion as it is important that I recovery these cost. Thank You!

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